We train, nurture and value our workforce.

Careers at Central Pharma.

We value TEAMWORK, where we work together towards a shared vision and recognise that teams accomplish more than individuals.

We passionately believe in PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and value learning, feedback, coaching and mentoring. Central Pharma provide a comprehensive orientation programme which provides all new recruits with a thorough induction into the business. Following the orientation programme new staff undertake technical and on the job training providing a solid foundation for a Central Pharma career.

Central Pharma believe in investing in our people and treating them with INTEGRITY by treating others as we would be treated; with honesty, fairness and abiding by our word. We invest in our people as they are our future. In addition to regular performance reviews, Central Pharma provide personal development discussions to manage your career.

We continue to be at the forefront of product development and our customer focused teams demonstrate EXCELLENCE by delivering what we promise and adding value that goes beyond what is expected.

Central Pharma provides opportunities to move forward and progress careers. We endeavour to ensure that our people have a rewarding career and realise their full potential with us. Central Pharma is dedicated to providing SATISFACTION through the best customer service possible, to both our employees and clients.

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