Lean Six Sigma is the driving force for change at Central Pharma, where world class processes, techniques and philosophies are used.

Lean six sigmaCentral Pharma have evolved considerably over the years but especially in our current, globally competitive age. It is very important for businesses to have practices which are lean, efficient, cost-effective and flexible.

Central Pharma is committed to continually improving, being business-ready for all operational challenges and client requirements. Our leaders are implementing world class best practices and applying new processes to remain “ahead of the curve”.

Central Pharma focus on quality, cost effectiveness, flexibility and innovation. These are the key drivers for our success.

Being ranked among the world’s best and of the highest calibre.

Attracting and comprising of first-rank players and talent

Central Pharma’s active LEAN Six Sigma projects include:

  • Reduction of machinery changeover time
  • Improved material control
  • Reduction in opportunity for error
  • Waste removal; to keep only the critical steps

Central Pharma continues to focus on the main aspects of world class manufacturing such as:

  • How to stand out as an industry great
  • How to extend our world class initiative to our clients
  • How to choose future needs for the industry
  • Which operational area do we move into for the future?